SFU Career Practitioners – Fall 2014 Cohort

Who cares about Social Media? I mean really!

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Who needs a course on social media? Not me, I’m sure it’s a waste of time. Hold it. Not quite! This what I thought going into my CPRA 115 course but I soon found out that being internet savvy can help you gain an advantage in the job market and can help you to help your clients. For instance, I found out that approximately 93% of employers check an applicant’s online social media. Better start cleaning up that net presence. Okay so my net presence is minimal and it’s cleaned up now. Why do I need Linkedin I’ve got Facebook and I hardly use that? If I learned anything about finding work in today’s world it is that traditional resumes end up in a pile and then usually in the dumpster. Employers care about your Linkedin profile because that is now your resume and much more; it’s also where you can network with other industry professionals and join professional associations.

Because of what I’ve learned in my CPRA 115 course I am now looking forward to creating my online professional persona using sites like Linkedin, Twitter, and About.me. It will also enhance my chances of finding employment and it will help me to help my future clients to market themselves in the highly competitive job market. So what are you waiting for? This stuff works and is being used by all the top candidates and recruiters out there now. I don’t want to be left behind, do you? Who’d of thought that I, Ravi Manhas would be writing a blog on social media and career development? It’s already started for me and it can for you too.

My biggest change since starting this course has been how my perception of what social media is and what it can actually do for me. Youtube isn’t just for watching funny cat videos. I can actually post videos related to career development geared at industry folk at a higher level or geared towards job seekers of all ages. I’ve learned that social media is not just a vapid wasteland of entertainment but real tool, a serious tool which I can use to enhance my career and to help others enhance their own careers.

– Ravi Manhas


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