SFU Career Practitioners – Fall 2014 Cohort

The Role as a Career Development Practitioner

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This program has really given me insight into the role of a career development practitioner. This particular course has enabled me to truly visualize the process right from the beginning to the end – from researching the vocational opportunities for the client to looking at trends and statistics and understanding their reliability.

Working through the process we looked at holistic approaches to help clients gain insights and gather information. By asking open-ended questions we were able to gather as much information from them as possible. Through these questions we are able to really work collaboratively and act as cheerleaders for our clients. At this point I was able to envision myself within the employment centers, setting action plans and giving the client relevant tasks before our next meeting.

Looking at social media and at ways to increase my online presence has most definitely opened my eyes up to the possibilities. It has increased my awareness in the eyes of new perspective employers and how they will see me fitting into their company. This course really gave me a strong rich practical insight to the role to which I am very excited about.

– Louise Roberts


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