SFU Career Practitioners – Fall 2014 Cohort

Technology and the Labour Market for a CDP

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The Blueprint has had, and will have, a huge impact on the Labour Market. The move towards ‘trades’ is the way forward to meet industry requirements in BC. The baby-boomers will soon be retiring and birth rates are decreasing. However, birth rates amongst First Nations are increasing. Where will all the workers come from? According to the Labour Market Outlook, “one-third of workers expected to fill projected job openings in B.C. to 2022 are migrants”. The Women’s Trade Program will also impact on the market as we move into the next decade.

Career Guidance

Online sources for career guidance are plentiful with many different features and focuses. Some are more user friendly than others, I particularly liked ALIS which provided a full cycle of career planning and had additional resources, for example, videos. NOC and Work BC are great sites to get more details about specific jobs, and you can access information about related jobs; this is really useful when a client knows what area they want to work in but are not sure what job they want to do in that area.

Online sources are great but are not enough!! You cannot beat face-to face interactions. Information interviews, Job Fairs, information sessions, and anything else that might give you the opportunity to network, network, network. A face-to-face interaction is also a way to get more up-to-date information.

Managing your Online Presence

Your online presence can increase or improve your employment opportunities. However, you must ensure that it is ok for a prospective employer to see your online activities. It is essential that you manage your privacy settings and make sure that you delete all of the drunken activities of your student days!! Social media clean up sites like simplewa.sh or washable.com can be used to get rid of any unsavoury photos. A LinkedIn account is a necessity and your headline and summary must have an impact to get you noticed. Blogging can be a challenge, but try to get into blogging in small steps; blogging can help improve your professionalism.

– Denise Christou


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