SFU Career Practitioners – Fall 2014 Cohort

Some Thoughts

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This week was full of discoveries.

I was pleasantly surprised to learn about so many useful resources offered online. I think the WorkBC website is a good example of what an informational portal should look like. It actually makes me feel proud of our BC government for the efforts it puts into developing this resource. Other resources, such as Career Cruising and Type Focus not only provide information about careers, but also include self-assessments that help match personality to occupations.

It was also useful to learn about the relatively new BC’s Skills for Jobs Blueprint. Vocational trades are becoming a trend and I am personally glad that the BC government is trying to foresee the economic developments and future challenges.

Another great takeaway from this course is the increased awareness of being professional online. Creating a profile on LinkedIn that speaks for itself with a good summary will definitely take me some time. I also wish I was a better writer, then I would start a blog in order to share my experiences and resources with others. I do have a deep desire to help those who are struggling and looking for a job or for a satisfying and self-actualizing career.

Having guest speakers during the course was an invaluable experience because they bring news and experience from actually working in a particular field. It actually made me feel important and attached to the industry because they talked to us as career professionals and not just students.

– Sergey Chubinsky


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