SFU Career Practitioners – Fall 2014 Cohort

Reflections on Information & Computer Research

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I just genuinely find a lot of the materials that were presented in this course to be extremely useful in a career advising appointment. We have talked about the perks of leveraging Labour Market Information in career decision making. We have also talked about the limitations of LMI and the things to be aware of when using the information. One of the things I didn’t know coming into this class is that the best way to collect LMI is to have an informational interview with people in the industry. They are able to provide realistic, industry specific information and insights that you won’t be able to get elsewhere. One useful little tip that I learned is to gather information from a wide variety of resources, cross reference its validity, and then integrate them in a way that is most beneficial to you as a job seeker.

The one thing that I can’t wait to share with my future clients is that there are tons of those cool online tools that can help them build up and polish their online presence if they haven’t started doing so. In my opinion, building an online presence is especially important for job seekers because so many of the recruitment actions actually involve the use of online platforms nowadays. Certainly, you don’t have to throw in 30 hours a week to build and maintain your online presence; just work at a pace that you feel most comfortable with. Other than Linkedin, It was also interesting to explore various functions of platforms such as Twitter, About.me, WordPress, Mashable, which are also useful sites to strengthen your online presence.

Overall, this is just an invaluable and rewarding experience getting to know the tech and stats side of the job search process. The load of information being thrown at you might be a little bit overwhelming in the beginning, but if you take the time to digest it slowly, you will find each of them to be very useful.

– Max Huang


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