SFU Career Practitioners – Fall 2014 Cohort

Reflections on CPRA 115

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I was very excited to have the opportunity to take the CPRA 115 course “Information and Computer Research”. I am pretty sure that it has broadened my view of career development and showed me ways of going deeper with career exploration.

Labor market information is crucial to someone who is struggling to find a job. CPRA 115 has equipped me with not only with the knowledge and information about the labor market, but also the skills that guide me to where I can discover the “gold mine”. It not only gives me the fish, but most importantly, it teaches me how to fish.

CACGS—Computer Aided Career Guidance Systems, play a vital role in assisting people with career exploration by using technology. I found this is the part most helpful to me. In the Information Age like ours, more and more employers as well as job seekers go to the Internet to post and obtain the information of jobs, making the process of recruiting and employing more efficient and effective. By participating in the workshops and activities, I feel I have developed skills in using the technology as a tool in my job searching, and would make full use of it in helping my clients do their career exploration as a CDP.

In general, CPRA 115 is a well-designed course, very practical and useful. It tells me what information to get and, most significantly, where to get it for job search. I would recommend it to anyone who intends to develop their skills in online career exploration.

– Winston Liu


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