SFU Career Practitioners – Fall 2014 Cohort

My Reflections

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From attending this course, I learned that a lot of websites can help people with career exploration and career transition. Also new immigrants can be helped with their settlement. We as a career practitioner can help people to overcome these difficulties.

From my experience as a new immigrant, I had a lot of difficulties settling into my career. I was looking for a job even though it was so difficult as I didn’t know how to write a good resume and cover letter. I don’t even know where I could look for a job.  The only source that I had was my friend who came to Canada before me. She tried to help based on her experiences, but didn’t have any idea about the employment centers that could help us. I didn’t know that there are lots of employment centers or Career Practitioners that could help us work through our challenges.

As a student of the Career Practitioner program, I feel so excited about a career in this field. I can be a resource for people who need help with career settlement, finding jobs and education planning.

I know that it there is still a long way to get there because I have a lot more courses to finish. For now, I can learn how to use the websites and become aware of their benefits and limitations, and these will be valuable tools in the near future when I am in the work force.

These valuable sites can also be my tools for helping get employment opportunities for myself. I never thought that social media can help me to reach potential employers. My understanding was social media can only be used for connecting among friends and family. It is a very helpful resource. Learning how to set the Facebook privacy settings to prevent outside people that you do not want seeing your profile was great to learn. Your private life and professional life should not mingle.

Before attending this course someone told me about LinkedIn and Twitter, and that they are good for people who looking for jobs but that picture was never clear to me until I took this course. I now know how to set up both, write a professional summary and talk about my experience – even what type of profile photos you should use. These are such great things to learn, and I will use them for my own career in the future.

Also beside online tools, other tools to help with career exploration are networking, information interviews and volunteer jobs.

– R. Yampoin


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