SFU Career Practitioners – Fall 2014 Cohort

Life is about continuous learning

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During this course I learned useful things related to career search and career planning. I’ve started on a journey – a long journey with many stops where I could rest and reflect upon many things, I learned new ways of being creative and expressing myself.

The course covered different aspects including, but not limited to, Labor Market Information, Career Search, Online Presence, Community Resources, from the perspective of being a client as well as being the facilitator and helping other people boost their self-esteem and search results.

Let’s discuss some points upon which I reflected during my stops on that journey.

I think the “hidden market” plays a huge role in job search and job seekers have wide possibilities that they not aware of. If we put aside the online applications, or responses to job postings we might find ourselves stuck or confused, but even if having no friends nor other networking tools, we can start by doing little things like reaching out to a company for an informational interview or going to the local library where we can talk to people face-to-face, or we can volunteer and make more connections. Those are just a few examples to start.

Navigating through a lot of online resources provided me with lots of insights and I believe they are a powerful tool where the client or the job seeker can assess his/her strengths, interests, values, personality type and look for jobs with similar environments. The online tools also provide lots of options and choices in terms of occupations. NOC Canada, Work BC, Education Planner, BC Jobs Plan Get Skills and Career Cruising are some of the examples.

Online presence is very important in today’s fast developing world. Having (and using) a LinkedIn account, Twitter and Blogs help clients stand out from other people and have a better chance of getting the jobs they want; they can create, build and maintain professional and mutual connections. During the course I found out the importance of the headline and the summary sections on LinkedIn.

I also learned some techniques on how to help a job seeker in a more natural way. Being a Career Practitioner is a channel to inspire others. The force of empowering the client is huge and one thing to be accomplished is by having open conversations, asking reflective questions rather than telling them what to do. Clients have to realize that he/she has a mission to search, to persuade, to look for and go wherever needed until the goal is achieved. My role as future career practitioner is to help the job seeker and be supportive, inclusive and client-centered.

This is not the end of the journey. There will be many more stops because life is a continuous learning.

– Elena Bivol


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