SFU Career Practitioners – Fall 2014 Cohort

Insight Into The Course

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In the past, my understanding of job hunting was just through job postings on the internet or in the newspaper or networking. By participating in this course, I have come to realize job search is much more than that. I’ve raised my awareness of the importance of information and computer research.

By learning Labour Market Information, I know the important part it plays in the preparation of looking for a job. Learning Computer Assisted Career Guidance Systems (CACGS) has deepened my insights into online resources, which can help individuals in different ways based on their needs. Learning online presence makes me realize the power of LinkedIn, Twitter and Blogging, which can greatly expand my network for professional purposes. This course has broadened my horizon and developed my knowledge and skills of doing information and computer research.

If I have an opportunity to become a career development practitioner, I’ll try my best to apply what I’ve learned to help my clients with their job search. What’s more, one thing I’m most impressed with is the online inspiring videos, which can give people great power. I think this is a fantastic resource to inspire people faced with life challenges to overcome their difficulties and move forward. I’ll definitely apply this to my future job.

– Michelle Xiao


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