SFU Career Practitioners – Fall 2014 Cohort

How I Learned a Different View

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I have been taking an Information and Computer Research course at SFU, and it has opened my mind to a very wide range of information. Like in everything, some aspects have been positive and some not so much.

I guess for me the not too positive is the fact that I am very private in my life and did not find and still do not understand the purpose of venting your life to the public, probably because of the image given for some blogs. But there is more to that. I know I am more open and more interested in finding out more. I feel challenged to learn more about it, and I will continue to do so at my own pace. I know now there is more, and I am thirsty for more knowledge and to help other people with this knowledge.

I get excited about all the job-related information that is available, and knowing the people I work with will make it easier to choose the right tools, and will give me less uncertainty. There are many tools to learn and to advise about.

– Elena Garcia


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